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1. BELLYDANCE SHOWS: Bellydance shows for most occasions: Weddings, birthdays, hen parties.

2.SNAKE CHARMER WALKABOUT: Fully licensed and insured to perform with animals. Walkabout and dance snake shows.

2.DANCE LESSONS: Learn to bellydance. Online courses and private classes with Kassandra available.

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Kassandra is a bellydance artist available for bookings in the UK and internationally.

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It has been quite eventful here (anecdotes) - both at home and at gigs with my little babies, the last couple of weeks or so.

On gigs, I had recently the DJ playing the wrong song. He was too far from me to communicate with at that point, and they had done over the mic a glowing intro, so I decided to go with the flow. I always use slow-ish songs that have not much rhythm changes or on my snake entrances. This time they played a fast majence piece, 🙈lol. But you know what, it actually really worked well for the venue and type of gig and snake I brought (smaller, so I was able to walk fast in time with the music), so that worked well in the end

On another gig, a snake I have not performed a lot with, got in a very peculiar mood and I had to watch her very closely. She has got a great temperament, but show business is not for everyone. They all react different. This one got me by surprised as she is very chill at home. 

And at home I had Mr. Brown (pictured) escaping twice!- 2 days on a row- it's like he suddenly learnt how to open his sliding door. I have now put a lock in this door. (Usually a wedge is enough)

And also Hans manged to escape. I found him one morning wedged in between the fridge and the wall. What a few minutes of panic. It proved challenging to get him out. 

Let's hope for not more mishaps any time soon, please. I think I have had enough for a month. 

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Just wishing it was a little brighter and a tad warmer.. 

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Hissy missy, vampire thingy I was a few years ago. 

What are your plans for Halloween? 
Who is getting in dress up and as what? 

I got couple of gigs this weekend but not on theme, (I guess not everyone is into Halloween), although another possible two gigs in the air that are, so getting the gear ready just in case 🎃👻🍬
#halloweenideas #vampiresnakecharmer #snakecharmers #snakecharmeruk #vampire
This pic makes me think "witch" For some reason... 
Is anyone else getting into Halloween mood already? 

(I may have shared this pic a while back, but too cool to not share again) 
Pic and edit by @dougalrosephotography accessories and headpiece @riittatorodesign 

#iamawitch #halloweenideas #portraitphotography
This is Diego. If you have been following me for some time you may know he was one of my regular dance partners when I started dancing with snakes. I retired him from show business in  2018, after he was showing some signs of a neurological condition. 

Probably because of this, he stopped climbing on his enclosure (he is, semi arboreal, and always climbed to different spots) and he started to refuse meals too. The last two years it has been a struggle to feed him. 

Good news is I have found help. Bad news is, it meant had to relinquish him, which was extremely hard to do. 

I know it's the right move for him at this stage, but I miss him ♥️

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With Xena when she was very, very young. 

I got her from a breeder in Brighton when she was just 3 months old. She fitted in the palm of my hand back then! 
I took the train there and back. 

I remember the breeder was impressed with the gear a brought to carry her home so she would be comfy and warm. 

I actually remember so much about the day I collected her -and chose her over her siblings- it was easy though, although I remember liking one other but I think he was a boy and I wanted a girl if I remember correctly and Xena was chilled and gorgeous. And she had/has a cute marking in the tale I liked. 

Xena also had a stunning sibling girl with very clear and clean markings, but that particular one was so feisty! I hope all found great homes... 
I also got to meet both her parents on that trip. 

On this picture I think she was about a year old. 

#ilovesnakes #bci #sunglowboa 
#snakephotography #snakecharmers #memorylane

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